Painting a Path to the Future Mural Projects


Wilder Minds' Painting a Path to the Future's Mural Projects is a collaborative mural-making outreach program. The goal is to create artworks that serve two purposes: community participation enrichment and student growth. With the assistance of artist-teachers, students create public artworks. This means but is not limited to murals, and installations. All artworks have inspiring messages, peaceful rhetoric, or address issues that promote multicultural concepts. Artworks that tend to have this style create an immediate positive dialogue, often, due to the upbeat and universal message. This aspect will quickly generate human interest from the greater public, in which the art works will exist. These artworks can be found in schools, community centers, sports centers, local businesses, municipal centers, courthouse…the options are limitless.


Community building through public art projects means creating these artworks in a collaborative practice, where artist teachers assist students in drafting, planning, and executing appropriate works in an extended time period. All meetings take place on the weekend. First, students meet at Wilder Minds office to brainstorm and draft mural ideas with the teaching artist. The following few weeks, students spend two weekends working on creating the mural with the teaching artist, and adult volunteers. * Schedules vary depending on project location.


The participants are students from Palm Beach County Schools in grades 6 through 12. We work in partnership with other organizations who serve the same demographic.Students are recruited from their schools college-readiness programs, community service administrators , guidance counselors, juvenile delinquency programs, outreach programs, grade-level teachers and administrators throughout all schools.

By opening up new opportunities to discussion, WM can create a safe space to engage like-minded peers and build a sense of unity. The mural making process can be used to teach basic life skills, such as, patience, creative thinking, flexibility, prioritization, communication, hard-work, and resilience. By having to work together to develop a concept, and reach the same goal, there is a sense of accomplishment and pride among students. There is an emphasis on respecting each other’s ideas, skill levels, while also encouraging leadership qualities in each participant. 


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