Wild Things Refuge - Of all the world's animals living on the verge of extinction, Madagascar's lemurs are teetering closest to the brink. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) estimates that, at current rates, over 90% of lemurs face extinction in the next 20 years.  Something needs to be done. 
Wild Thing's Refuge (WTR) provides life-long care for displaced primates from the pet, entertainment, and zoological industries. These animals often require intensive behavioral rehabilitation and specialized care to recover from a life of improper nutrition, poor socialization, neglect and abuse. Animal care, educational programs, and advocacy are funded entirely through donations and development initiatives.
Residents of the Wild Thing's Refuge receive specialized professional care:

  • Managed Primate medical care with Zoological experience 

  • 100% Clean energy, solar powered facility 

  • Behavioral rehabilitation for and/or social rehabilitation

  • The very best nutritional diet, specially formulated for the particular species and individual needs. We also try to grow what they eat.

  • Socialization with others of their own and/or similar species. Our goal is integrate each animal .

  • Habitats offering free-access to spacious covered/ outdoor areas. Climate control.

  • Caretakers with Zoological experience

Adopt Louis

ADOPT your Lemur today! 

Your adoption donation goes toward the cost it takes to care for each lemur at the Wild Things Refuge.

You or your chosen recipient, will receive an awesome adoption packet with frequent, exclusive updates from your very own lemur.  This can also include a visit to meet your lemur on DONOR DAY.  Adopt a Lemur packages are fun, educational gifts that keep giving!


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Black & White Ruffed Lemur